Members Quotes

nexo Members show their support to nexo-standards & specifications through a variety of means, including participation in our working groups, chairing groups, and implementing specifications.

They also issue statements in support of nexo through testimonials on the nexo website and other media and social networks.


At TNS we accept, connect, and securely process millions of transactions across the globe every day. We strive to simplify the growing complexity of the payment ecosystem for our customers who expect secure, seamless, and rapid transactions. We believe the nexo Standards for payment harmonization will ultimately lead to enhanced interoperability and increased efficiency for the whole payments value chain.

Patrick Flamant Chesneau, Regional Manager France Benelux, TNS Payments Market


The work of nexo standards is becoming increasingly important and relevant from a global perspective. At Alipay, we work with financial institutions and payment solution providers globally to enable cross-border payments for consumers from China and around the world, making it easier for them to make payments online and in store. As a Principal member of nexo, we hope to share our international insights and in-depth mobile expertise to contribute to the continued growth and success of the association.

Jie Zhang, Director. Ant Group


In an age where commerce has no frontiers, nexo standards’ ISO 20022-based specifications and protocols offer many advantages, such as interoperability and true standardization. Adopting nexo standards with a global understanding of local requirements, combined with best-in-class devices, will ensure acquirers and retailers can deliver a better customer journey while reducing time to market and operational costs. We are actively working to implement nexo specifications and protocols in all our payment devices, as the market demand grows for multi-country and international acceptance solutions. We are happy to be part of the growing success of nexo standards.

Jean-Philippe Niedergang, CCO & EMEA CEO Castles Technology


We’re proud champions of nexo standards. The association is easing the complexities facing the payments market and enabling a new age of innovation that benefits all stakeholders and crucially, the end consumer. nexo has been a central part of our strategy to improve system efficiency and enable us to easily extend our global reach but now, we’re responding directly to market requests for nexo. With the certification of  CAPS Aquirer Host based on nexo Acquirer Protocol, we’ve achieved an important hallmark of quality and trust for our customers.

Olivier Julou, Strategy and Partnership Manager. Credit Agricole Payment Services (CAPS)


Saudi Payments has a unique role in enabling electronic payments. As the national payment scheme and operator of all national payment systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are responsible for all related specification and certification activity. Utilization of the nexo specifications and protocols will transform the standardized payments platform we offer our stakeholders. With a nexo-based platform, we can dramatically simplify adoption and integration, while ensuring interoperability and a common user experience. We look forward to working with the association to develop new and enhance the existing nexo specifications for payment services. Additionally, we plan to continue our vital role in enabling the public and private sectors to connect with domestic and international payment services, helping to develop the Kingdom’s payment infrastructure.

Fahad Alakeel, Managing Director. Saudi Payments


In Europe, we operated and managed 8 different electronic payment systems. Such context was preventing us to provide rapidly to our customers the newest payment solutions available. The goal was therefore to find a common European solution, easily and quickly scalable, reducing our strong dependency from the different suppliers – terminal providers and bank acquirers. By supporting the strategic views and the creation of SEPA by the European Commission and the European Central Bank, adopting the nexo Acquirer standard became the obvious choice for us.

François Mezzina. Total


Better harmonization is key to enhancing the Russian payment acceptance market and nexo standards protocols and specifications offer the perfect solution. In supporting all of our nation’s payments stakeholders, we hope to not only enhance the functionality and quality of our infrastructure but deliver new cost and maintenance savings to our network’s merchants and acquirers

Dr Igor Goldovsky, Chief Architect. NSPK


Discover Global Network supports nexo’s aim to simplify the payment ecosystem and promote the interoperability of card payments through the use of common standards. Since joining nexo in 2018 we have seen interest in the specifications expand globally with live deployments in more than 25 countries across APAC, EMEA and the Americas. Contributing as a Principal member of nexo ensures our payment solutions are included in the latest specifications and protocols.

Alisa Ellis, VP Innovation and Emerging Products. Discover


Harmonization, standardization and convergence between business processes and payments resonates closely with our vision. As a leader in the digital transformation of brick-and-mortar merchants, we see nexo standards as a means to remove artificial complexity and promote global interoperability within payments acceptance in Europe and beyond. Capitalizing on nexo‘s work, we will provide a future-proof application development framework with our Android ecosystem, removing the complexities of legacy systems and easing the integration of merchant payment solutions

Patrice Le Marre, Corporate Chief Strategy Officer and Europe/North America General Manager. Sunmi.


Across a number of industries, standards have been key to realising new efficiencies and driving forward innovation. Payments acceptance is no different. The global expansion and adoption of nexo standards’ messaging protocols is crucial - both for Amadis’ evolution and the advancement of the wider payments industry. By removing the unnecessary complexities currently slowing the industry down, standardisation will be key to realising a more innovative, fast-paced and customer-centric payments world. Not just for end consumers, but the whole industry. We look forward to our continuing participation in nexo standards and supporting its global expansion.cross a number of industries, standards have been key to realising new efficiencies and driving forward innovation. Payments acceptance is no different.

Fabrice Grenier, Deputy CEO. Amadis (Preludd group)


Today, acceptance protocols in Europe vary from country to country. A complex situation for merchants. nexo is a consortium involving all  the stakeholders of the payment  industry value chain working to develop a common protocol and unified solution to facilitate electronic payments in  Europe. The harmonization of card payments protocols across countries can stimulate innovation and accelerate the deployment of services.

Jean Diacono, Vice President, General Manager. American Express Payment Services France and The Netherlands


PAN Nordic Card Association (PNC) has always been committed to contributing to and supporting open standards through collaboration. By participating in nexo initiatives we want to contribute in developing a European (or Global) new infrastructure that opens up for competition and cross border activities

Michael Hoffman, Managing Director & CEO. PAN Nordic Card Association (PNC)


With its standards for the acceptance of card payments, nexo is expected to contribute to the harmonization of the acceptance infrastructure, thus allowing the market to migrate successively from a more fragmented legacy infrastructure towards a harmonized one, which ultimately should lead to reduced costs and increased interoperability.

Regine Quintmeier, Division Manager. SRC  Security Research & Consulting GMBH


Being able to offer the best payment facilities on the European market, while offering the best possible customer experience is one of our key strategic priorities. We are excited to be one of the early adopter and taking an active role in shaping industry standards which will bring numerous benefits to all stakeholder of the card payment ecosystem. We firmly believe that businesses will benefit from the interoperability and clarity that nexo is bringing to the industry, and we are glad to contribute our ideas and expertise to help achieve this goal.

Frédéric Mazurier, President Market Pay. Carrefour