nexo standards Annual Report 2020

nexo standards has published its first Annual Report, exploring the technical and organizational evolution of the organization over the past 12 months.


Following a year in which contact with our members has been more challenging and key events in the nexo standards calendar have not been possible, such as the annual conference, it feels more important than ever to showcase the progress of our organization. 2020 saw adoption and support of nexo standards continue to grow, and this report celebrates the year’s big successes and milestones. Inside the report, you will find key details about:

  • The “Who, What and Why” of nexo standards
  • Successes of the association
  • Member testimonials and case studies
  • The latest nexo standards deployment figures
  • Key technical milestones and the 2021 roadmap
  • How to get involved in nexo standards







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nexo’s working groups are at the core of everything we do, collaborating to refine and evolve our standards. Find out how to get involved and ensure your company’s technical needs are addressed:

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nexo standards expands scope beyond card-based transactions

Advancements will ease integration of payment acceptance solutions across a range of transaction technology

nexo standards, which offers the payment community a unified, ISO-based solution for payment acceptance, has expanded its scope beyond card-based transactions to support changes in the ways consumers are paying for goods and services; for example using mobile wallets, instant...

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Reinventing the Wheel: How LAVEGO AG Brought Innovation to the POS with nexo standards

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Why nexo ?
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